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A Few Tips On Eye Care:
  1. Eye Exercise: particularly for frequent computer users. After looking at a screen for long hours, try focusing on a far object such as the top of a mountain, leaves on a tree branch or distant green grass, at least a few times a day, for a few minutes each time. By doing this, the crystallized lens in the eye will be exercised to zoom in and out regularly and will maintain its flexibility and clarity.

  2. Eye Exercise for everyone: roll your eyes way up and maintain that position for 10 seconds, then roll your eyes way down and stay for 10 seconds. Then roll your eyes all the way to the right and stay for 10 seconds. And finally roll your eyes all the way to the left and stay for 10 seconds. This exercise helps strengthen your eye muscles. You can do this regularly, several times a day. See diagram below:

    Eye Exercise Diagram

  3. According to Oriental medicine, eyes belong to the Liver Meridian. In order to maintain good eye-sight, it's important to eat foods that benefit the liver's function. It’s also important to eat foods that are relevant to the seasons. Sleeping before 11 pm is also recommended so that the liver will perform its cleansing duty at that time.

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